The most popular site in China is the micro blogging website called Weibo. It is similar to the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and about thirty percent of the Internet users in China access this site. There are several micro blogging services in China, and Tencent Weibo is one of the services that have the highest number of registered users of up to four hundred and sixty nine users, and Sina Weibo has up to 36.5 million regular users. And Netease Weibo is the third largest micro blogging service that has about two hundred and sixty million users.

Netease is best known for its portal, gaming and email service, they develop their own games and they also help the other entities to distribute their services. The company gets most of its revenue from the gaming service. Many users login to the Netease micro blogging service because of its new content channel and it allows the users to write one hundred and sixty three words in each blog. The refreshed user interface of the Weibo attracts many users. In March 2010, they launched the Netease Weibo micro blogging service. Even though it has increased number of users, the users do not seem to be active on a regular basis. The other competitive web portal in China for Netease Weibo is the Sohu Weibo. Apart from these micro blogging sites, there are some state run blog websites. The People’s Daily Online launched the People’s Weibo. Netease Weibo has plans to expand its service outside China.

Frogger is a retro arcade game of 1981, noted for its novel game play and theme. In the game, the player should direct the frogs to their homes one by one by crossing the roads and navigating them from a river full of threats.
Ousseynou Khadim Beye, a computer engineer developed the Frogger clone, Cross city Dakar. He developed the mobile video game in c++ with Open cocos2d-x source. The main aim of the game is to create awareness of the trouble the children of Senegal face. In Senegal, due to the lack of money some children are sent to Islamic schools. But most of the children beg in the streets, and are the victims of kidnapping, sexual abuse and road accidents. In daaras, the teachers force the children to beg in the streets and bring 2000 CFA francs, and are given punishments like beatings with wood, rope or whip if they fail to bring money. The government enforced a law against it, but the children of Senegal still face challenges.

In the game, Mamadou is a small boy who begs in Dakar. It is a six level game in which he plans to search his parents, he has to escape from the fast moving buses, trains and even have to cross rivers during his venture. Beye developed this game when he was interning in Ubisoft in France as a game developer. The game depicts the landscapes, mosques and the residence of Dakar which interests the players. Many from France, US and Italy downloaded the game. Beye said that he wants to convert the game into 3D animation, in the future he plans to open his own game studio with an alliance with any non- profit organization. He said that he wants to develop games on a Senegal wrestling game, solar energy and deforestation that will create awareness on the issues faced in Africa.

Stolen cars are being sold as Legal vehicles by using vehicle identification number of another legally registered vehicle. The VIN used belongs to the car of same make bought in the same year. $500 to $1000 is spent for cloning this vehicle and to sell them as legitimate ones. The profit earned goes up to 20,000 to 30,000. VIN engraved or printed on the dashboard. The departments’ responsible for printing these VINs are generally done in a proper environment and tampered VINs should raise alarm.

The thieves are technologically advanced that they print them with utmost care similar to car dealers. It is safer for the buyer to check the VIN with the Canadian police information (CPIC). In case of any discrepancy the registry will instruct you to contact the police. Google the VIN and if it is posted for sale somewhere else it will show up indicating that the VIN is duplicate. When a well maintained car is sold for cheap price be more cautious, don’t get carried away by the cost.

Use online car services like CARFAX or CARPROOF to see whether the car has moved through several provinces or states.
While purchasing have details of the transactions, and complete the transactions in financial institutions rather than doing it with money. When a stolen car is sold and the police latter find out, the car will be returned to the owner. The buyer will be at the one who lost his/her money so caution is necessary.

Samsung Tab Pro S is the company’s first convertible PC with slender design. The tablet has 12 inch display with a resolution of 2160X1440 pixels. It comes with Organic Light Emitting diode (OLED). Though it is in the same category of Microsoft surface Pro it’s definitely not a clone. Surface pro is a 12.3 inch display, this makes tab pro slightly smaller but it is 26 percent thinner than the former. The slim look is outstanding given it is a full blown out PC. The resolution of surface pro is 2736X1824 pixels and the display nature is IPS. Surface fares better in resolution with 267 ppi over 216 ppi of Samsung device. OLED and IPS displays come with their set pros and cons. OLED reduces backlighting and has better viewing angles whereas IPs has good display of natural colors.

In terms of Build Samsung uses both plastic and magnesium and surface pro has only magnesium gives it a better finished look. This feature helped Samsung reduce the weight of the device. Both the devices come with keyboard accessories and Microsoft gives you a versatile on. Coming to processor at in entry-level model Samsung is better but on moving to higher versions Microsoft has better power advantage. The battery life is 5,200 mAh and 5,087 mAh for tab pro and surface respectively. The front cam of surface is 8 MP and that of Tab pro is 5 MP and raer camera is 5 mp for both. More or less both the devices come with their own features and it is up to the buyer to choose the product based on the price and affordability.

Everyone is aware of the online jokes of selling kidney to buy an iPhone. Unfortunately that’s how these devices are praised, costly and unaffordable to the masses! But who does not wish to have an iPhone or Nexus. This desperation to own high end phones is well exploited by the Chinese Smartphone makers. Everyone mocks at the “made in china tag” but some of their products makes us think twice before doing that.

Take for instance Xiaomi widely criticized for copying apple they have managed to create their own market space. The company has sales of 60 million units. The company is famous for its high quality low price model. A similar Smartphone seller from china in similar lines is Dakele. The company collapsed recently after its inability to adapt to the changing market filled with heavy competition. There are way too many Smartphone sellers in chinese market, customers expect more than a clone like unique software integration and customer base.

It is a lesson to be learnt by Smartphone makers that inch by inch copying will not take them anywhere. Xiaomi is already facing the heat with reduced rise in market and heavy competition. Indian smartphone market is at budding stage.Indian buyers are currently looking for cheap phones over spec and Xiaomi models can well survive here. The penetration in Chinese market is double that of India and the nation will be catching up soon to that kind of growth.

Josh Miller Product manager at facebook will be soon launching anonym’s forum app. He stated that this app is created to serve a purpose and not just provide anonymity. The app is being constructed carefully as anonyms groups can lead to destructive gossips. The creator claims that the app is completely new and not a clone of any other application.
Miller is the founder of “Branch”- the start-up that was latter acquired by Facebook. Branch was designed for twitter users to have contained discussions. He stated that his new creation is not similar to “secret” or a pseudonymous chat app. Anonymity is not the center point of the product.

The reason for creating this app according to him is let the users interact about sensitive things, without attaching their identity, like relationships work pressure etc. Founder of facebook Zuckerberg stated that the app will be integrated with facebook groups. Facebook Groups app has become very popular for the past few years with 500 million users. Groups is mostly with secondary to the main facebook app and even the messenger. At the f8 conference facebook quoted that it will be allow users to log in to apps anonymously using FB identity.

Flappy bird is a mobile game developed by Dong Nguyen of Vietnam; the player controls a bird using the side scroll in which the bird attempts to fly in between the green pipes. It received popularity in early 2014. They criticized it for the plagiarism in graphics and the gaming technique and also for its level of difficulty.In 2014, they developed a clone of the Flappy bird which is a developed by a concise code; where in the total number of lines is 18. The best thing about Flappy bird is its complexity in each level which forms the basis of programming and gaming design. Thus, it becomes easy to play the Crappy Bird because of the complications in the previous game.

The Crappy Bird game seems to be an easy game to play when compared to the original version, they designed it is such a way that the players will find it easy to cross the pipes without touching them. Hence the players can get higher scores in each level. The difference in the clone is that, instead of the big fat bird it has a yellow fast bird which flies through the pipes without touching them. In the Crappy Bird game, Zoplay the birds are fragile little creatures that migrate across the country side. But it is hard for the birds to migrate because they get stuck by all means while they proceed. The play has to bounce through the air, twist around the long pipes and bring the bird away from the pipe.

iPhone clone xiaomi misses sales target
Xiaomi is the Chinese start-up which is widely known for its cheap smart phones and better than price spec. In the year 2014 the company had annual sales of 61 million handsets. The company failed to reach its 80 to 100 million sales for the year 2015. The gowth rate over the year 2013 stood at 300 percent. However it failed to get 30 percent growth in 2015.The major reason for fall of sales during the year 2015 was the heating issues with the most expensive phone from the maker Mi note priced at $350.

The reason for the technical glitch was snapdragon 810 by qualcomm. Other handset makers, like huawei and Samsung, were able to overcome this problem by using their own processors. Samsung got its Exynos process on board. Xiaomi alternative MediaTek processors got them banned in India over patent infringement lawsuit between mediaTek and Ericson. This affected their overall sales as India was one the biggest market for Xiaomi. The company is also widely accused as the clone script of apple Iphone looks and interface. Instead of increasing the appeal of the product the makers being concerned on low prices has been unproductive to the company. This fact reflects in the sales of apple being higher than Xiaomi in China though priced 5.5 times costly.

China iPhone makers are notoriously famous for cloning iPhone. Oppo the Chinese electronics maker will launch F1 plus in Africa Asia and Europe.This new phone comes with iphone like exteriors with all metal case and rounded edges. The model is smaller and lighter when compared to 6s but comes with the same screen size.
The design and features are similar to their previous product R9 and R9 plus released in the month of March. The device comes with 5.5 inch AMOLED full HD display protected by gorilla glass and a resolution of 1080p.
The phone is run by octa-core 2 GHz Mediatek Helio processor and 4GB RAM. The internal memory is 16 GB and expandable up to 128 GB.

It is powered by 2,850 mAh battery and supports fast charging through flash charge technology.It is a dual sim phone with 13 MP camera and the front camera is 16 megapixels. It is very for a Smartphone to come with a front cam with higher pixel than the rear one. The phone is termed as the selfies expert by the company but the front cam is exceptional to term it so. The difference between its previous model and the current one is the latter is available out of China.The price is reasonable for a device of this build and features. The only shortcoming is the device runs on Lollipop rather than the latest marshmallow.

Youtube is a global video sharing website, in which the users can upload, like, view, comment, and rate and share the videos. The individuals upload most of the videos, and other media corporations and entities have also offered their material through the Youtube site.Michael Schulhof and Erel Margalit are the cofounders of AnyClip in the year 2008; it is a Youtube website for the licensed videos of the movie clips which were from famous studios. The main aim of AnyClip is to reconnect the users or viewers with the past contents.

In a recent report they stated that they have covered over twenty one million dollars in funding, and the investors are the Limelight Network, the leader in digital content, Ervinton Investment, presenting the Russian businessman Roman Abramovich, Jerusalem Venture partners, etcApart from Youtube there was no place for any other website for video sharing, and this gave an idea for the AnyClip to venture as an adtech company. Adtech is nothing but the technique of sharing videos online by adding an advertisement before and after the video content and they also collected the data about the engagement and consumption of content.

Thus they were able to reach all kinds of audience around the world.For example, if a person visits a cooking site to prepare a particular recipe, the AnyClip will analyze the content and website and streams a video clip relevant to the person’s search. In case of popular brands like the BMW or Redbull, they associate with some TV shows or motion pictures because of their high quality content.AnyClip is well organized to attract many numbers of users in the years to come because of the growth streaming videos. And the company plans to venture into Asia and Europe and target on those users.